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The Three Cs of Creativity at Imagination Station

At Imagination Station, our mission is to build creative, lifelong learners!
Creativity is one of the four values that drives our mahi. We believe creative play is essential for growing creative minds and we know that creating is a fundamental human experience. Creating is about giving people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to explore their own inspirations and ideas. We love seeing people experience the joy of creating a final product they are proud of.

1. Capturing Creative STEAM Power

We make sure to include a creative component in all our classes. Whether movie making or robot battling, we always leave elements of our class up to the individual. This is part of our STEAM based approach to learning. 

Taking a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach involves incorporating creativity and innovation throughout our programmes. It’s important to us that our classes show how interconnected the five STEAM subjects are, because when we look to the real world we see these topics overlap and intersect everywhere! We know that entire industries fall across STEAM subjects, like biotechnology, web design, and architecture, and that skills like creativity and innovation make truly brilliant scientists, engineers, mathematicians and artists.



2. Celebrating Stories and Solutions

In our holiday classes and school programmes, we also aim to take every opportunity to recognise creativity. Many of our classes are based around improving and adapting a basic model, and our Games and Challenges programme is a race to collect points by inventing interesting stories about a LEGO build.

When running teacher professional development and corporate team building exercises, these stories and solutions bring people together through shared experiences and goofy moments. Practicing skills like spatial reasoning and improvised storytelling can unlock some creative problem solving solutions, a transferable skill across every industry.  

3. Cultivate Creative Growth

Here at Imagination Station we use self directed learning. In our after school classes students choose activities that are suited to their interests. However, if they feel inspiration strike, they can adapt and change the class to fit their new goals. We implement a huge range of LEGO equipment in after school classes, so there’s always something new to explore.

... there's always something new to explore!

If you’re local to Christchurch, you can join us on Hapori (Level 1) in Tūranga to discover the world of LEGO, or check out our STEAM-based holiday activities, after school classes and school programmes.