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Creative Play

Creative Play at Imagination Station

Everyone loves exploring our LEGO-filled play tables and play pits! You can add creative play before or after one of our other classes, or make play-based learning the entire reason for your visit. We will even set up a dedicated space adjacent to our play area so your students can enjoy their own private LEGO building zone.

Age range: 0-99+ years old

Session Length: 30+ minutes

Price: $3.50 per child per hour, or $2.50 when booked alongside another session from Imagination Station (Minimum $30 per session)

Capacity: Up to 120 children

  • - LEGO is a building toy that can be used to create static and moving models. 
  • - Basic engineering and physics principles are explored through experimentation and research.
  • - Creativity facilitates construction design.



When you book a creative play session, we will set up a private building space adjacent to our play area for your students. They are also welcome to build in our LEGO and DUPLO pits, and can explore Hapori under your supervision. LEGO and DUPLO play encourage creativity, spatial reasoning and fine motor skill development.


We are learning to:

  • - Play constructively
  • - Manage our own behaviour
  • - Use materials to create for individual entertainment, expression and fun


Nature of Science:  Investigating in Science (Levels 1-2)
- Extend their experiences and personal explanations of the natural world through exploration, play, asking questions, and discussing simple models. (Levels 1-2)

The Arts
Visual Arts:  Developing Practical Knowledge (Level 1-2)
- Explore a variety of materials and tools and discover elements and selected principles. (Levels 1-2)

Health and Physical Education
Movement Concepts and Motor Skills:  Movement skills; Science and technology (Level 1)
- Develop a wide range of movement skills, using a variety of equipment and play environments. (Level 1)
Movement Concepts and Motor Skills:  Positive attitudes; Challenges and social and cultural factors (Level 1-2)
- Participate in a range of games and activities and identify the factors that make participation safe and enjoyable. (Level 1)
- Participate in and create a variety of games and activities and discuss the enjoyment that these activities can bring to them and others. (Level 2)
- Develop and apply rules and practices in games and activities to promote fair, safe, and culturally appropriate participation for all. (Level 2)

  • Thinking:
  • Students think creatively and employ self-motivation in the LEGO play area.
  • Using language, symbols and text:
  • During creative play students may need to describe oddly shaped or coloured pieces, read information around the library and follow verbal instructions.
  • Managing Self:
  • Students identify and practice safe and appropriate behaviours in the library.
  • Relating to Others:
  • When in the public space, students are expected to share or collaborate with other visitors at Imagination Station.
  • Participating and contributing: 
  • Our play area is designed with plenty of space for collaboration and cooperation.


Use our range of worksheets to engage your students in some fun learning before you come along. All our worksheets feature a LEGO building challenge, which students can complete in our play area.
If you are just coming to play, consider letting students choose their own worksheet, encouraging them to pursue independent learning interests.
Or, check our worksheets by topic to find one that matches learning you have already done in your classroom!

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